Xtrade platform keeps you stay up to date with trading?


If you want to expand your trading horizons, you must first understand what is truly going on. Xtrade’s job is to modify everything and keep you informed about it. Xtrade mobile, Meta Trader 4 trading platform, and Webtrader are the three trading platforms they provide.

Many internet resources, such as the economic calendar, technical-based indicators, and stream services, are accessible to assist traders in Xtrade Australia.

It offers two different types of account types:

  • A virtual account is referred to as a standard account since it allows consumers to use it with a minimum deposit of $100. If you are a newbie, it is most likely the ideal form of account for you to use.
  • Real trade deals out with actually not losing out the money for the user’s mistake before taking part in it you can try playing through creating a demo account. It creates a chance for the users to try out the new strategies and to get the best experiment based on them.

While you are accessing the demo account there is no need for you to deposit the amount in Xtrade Australia. Since it is required only for you to sign up for the process, for playing you would be given virtual money that helps for trading out with no cost at all.

What sorts of accounts does Xtrade Australia offer?

There are four main account kinds dependent on the amount of money you deposit.

Account Type 1: Standard

  • Deposit amount: $250
  • Feature: High spread

Account Type 2: Premium

  • Deposit amount: $ 1000
  • Feature: A dedicated account manager is provided.

Account Type 3: Platinum

  • Deposit amount: $ 5000
  • Feature: Get VIP trading support and lowest spreads.

Account Type 4: VIP

  • Deposit amount: $ 20,000
  • Feature: Priority-based account handling, supports for trading with lowest spreads, and individual trading strategies. 

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