University of Toronto


An excellent reputation and a vast selection of classes make the University of Toronto a “world-class city to call home” and provides “expert knowledge in any field” for its more than 60,000 undergraduates as well as nearly 16,000 graduate student. While it can be hard to relate with instructors, the classes are large and students may find it difficult to make friends with them. Also, the University of Toronto is not the best place for those who seek a more intimate and supportive academic environment. Self-starters will still find that the unlimited opportunities are worth the disadvantages. One student said, “Most of our professors represent the top industries.” Another said, “It’s unbeatable to be able to learn from Nobel Prize winners and live in a city full with adventure.” These assets include “Excellent research capabilities”. The school makes the most of its location in Toronto. It says that the university and city are inextricably linked in many ways. There are clinical opportunities and research flows in both directions. We also hear from industrious students that the libraries and research facilities at the school are excellent and enhance the academic experience.

Student Body

This large school is home to a large student body. It also reflects the surrounding area of Toronto, which is “one of the most diverse places in the world.” A junior said, “It’s possible to say that all of the students have an outstanding academic record before they go to university.” Beyond that, it’s all possible: There are wide variations in race, religions, sexual orientations, academic focus and postgraduate aspirations. A freshman comments, “On my own floor, there are kids representing at least ten countries. And, even with our different cultures, we have merged together to form a big family.” Despite the school’s large size and diversity, most students agree that it is relatively easy to find a group of like-minded individuals. One senior stated that “most students will find their niche; there’s room for everyone.”

Campus Life

University of Toronto students have a great time in Toronto. Students can take advantage of the fact that “the Royal Ontario Museum” is located on campus. Additionally, there are many bars and art galleries just a short walk away. Toronto also offers a great nightlife for all ages. Many students feel that the commuter student population has a negative impact on campus life. One student complained that students who are not on campus, although there are many of them, don’t take part in extracurricular activities. He also said that interest in varsity sports was “pathetic” among all undergraduates. Others are positive-oriented and highlight the recreational opportunities that are out there for anyone willing to look. According to a junior, “Getting involved here involves some research in terms finding the 300 clubs or endless academic/research opportunity, but once my searching was done, I found many places Jean Chen University of Toronto where I fit well and have lots of fun.” Sororities and fraternities are a great way to foster social bonds for those who live on campus.