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Sakshi was launched on March 8, the first regional newspaper designed by the world-renowned newspaper designer Mario Garcia. According to the Audit Bureau of Circulation, circulation figures launched in December, Sakshi is the second largest circulating newspaper in Telugu states and Andhra Pradesh, with a circulation of greater than. Printed simultaneously from 9 cities in then Andhra Pradesh and the metropolitan areas of Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, and Bangalore. This report was acknowledged by the Limca Ebook of Information. Sakshi was the second newspaper in India to publish all its pages in color. Sakshi is now accessible online day by day with all of its editions together with the regional editions.

He holds the distinction of being the oldest man whose age is talked about in the Bible. According to the biblical text, Methuselah lived to the ripe old age of 969! Descended from Adam and Eve by way of their son Seth and his son Henoch, Methuselah eventually met his maker during the good deluge. Related Press.Japanese Women Present Longest Life Expectancy. Washington Submit. Carmichael, Mary.Good Things and Small Packages. Newsweek. Grady, Denise. Dwarf Mouse’s Secret to Long Life Appears to be Linked to Its Tiny Measurement. The brand new York Times. Guinness Ebook of World Records. Hall, Judith, et al. American Journal of Medical Genetics. HealthDay.Rare Gene Mutation Performs Function in Longevity. HealthDay. Hurd, Robert.Gigantism. Medline Plus. Japan Statistical Yearbook.Physique and Bodily Strength of Elderly Persons 5. Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. Kolata, Gina. Telugu News Stay Lengthy Die Younger Reply Is not Simply in Genes The brand new York Instances. Molloy, Joseph.Methuselah. The Catholic Encyclopedia. O’Connor, Anahad.The brand new York Occasions. Ogden, Cynthia et al. Are height related to longevity Height, physique dimension, and longevity are better for the human body.

Pratibha. Filling within the position of an info supplier and information, Pratibha provides info on schooling, careers with all their twists & turns, and the efforts which might be required to make it massive in life. Course particulars, mannequin query papers, and common columns on counseling are what the Pratibha readers get. The yeoman effort of Pratibha has also been recognized by several educational establishments, educationalists, and extra. Frequent man takes stock! And, of course, all the information, particulars, professionals, and cons to remain in enterprise. Shares, inventory markets, economy, and financial savings all had been there in ‘s ‘ Enterprise ‘ web page. The recognition of this fact is’ Raithay Raju.’ Launched in 985 August, it has advanced into a bridge between the farmer and his world.

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