Movies To Watch To Relieve Stress, Depression, And Anxiety


The Telugu film industry is growing day by day. It has smart working people doing a great job in creating something extraordinary and worth watching. Various prominent displays are the consequence of incredible coordination and dedicated individuals between the cast and intense group. This lockdown certainly has proved very tough for many people who cannot go outside to have fun with their friends. They need something that can uplift their depressed mood, something which is exciting and can relieve them from stress and anxiety. These Telugu movies can be great medicine that could help many people to sort out their mental state. These movies are the fusion of everything, which is fun to watch and can easily Captivate the audience. One such movie is Savaari which is a good entertainer and interesting to watch.. so, subscribe to aha and watch your favorite movies online.


SaathMothkuri directs this movie. In this movie, Raju (Nandu) is a helpless kid who lives with his horse (Badshah) and brings in cash through it. One fine day, he realizes that Badshah is experiencing an uncommon sickness and needs a lot of money to cure his horse. In between, He meets Bhagi (Priyanka Sharma) and starts to like her. One day, his horse got missing, which brings stress to Nandu’s life. Now, what will happen next? To know the answer, one should go to watch this one.

Coordinated by SaahithMothkuri, known for his short film Bandham Regard, Savaari is a film that can be portrayed as agreeable. With sufficient parody and sentiment, the film figures out how to be fascinating in pieces and pieces. Regardless of the fascinating set-up, the chief before long brings down the bar, with the film straightening out as it arrives at the peak.

Actor Nandu is the significant feature of the film and has rediscovered himself with Savaari. Till now, he has just done delicate jobs; however, with this film, he demonstrated that he could suit mass parts too. His passionate change and genuine take on the job is the most amazing aspect of the film. He is an excellent entertainer who ought to be used all the more regularly by the Telugu film.

Courageous woman Priyanka additionally works hard in her job. Her mass symbol is generally excellent, and she has an amazing screen presence. Srikanth Reddy as the main villain, is amazing, and his comic point has been tapped well in the film. How he summons genuine yet comic feelings are acceptable.

Cinematography and music stand apart, separated from outstanding offices. Monish Bhupathiraju’s camera work is noteworthy. Music by Sekhar Chandra is remarkable. Each tune is a great idea to hear. Anyway, they could be shot better. Santosh editing might have been something more. So overall, Savaari is a movie that would entertain the viewers.

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