Keeping Your Bike Inside: What Would You need


Do you like cycling for long family outings or for more muscular sports sessions? But unfortunately you are still bothered to store your 2 wheels and store them safely?

Do not panic ! Here, just for you a small anthology of tips and advice to arrange a garage or a shelter in order to organize your bikes cleverly .

How to hang your bikes?

Do your bikes clutter your garden, your garage and even the interior of your house? The solution to this thorny problem lies in a wall or ceiling suspension system!

Whatever the place, the watchword is to save space . To do this, simply place the bikes high after each ride.

The wall, an ideal carrier!

To store your bicycles cleverly, the ideal is to fix them to the wall of your garage or your shelter.

How? ‘Or’ What ? By simply hanging bike carriers or storage on the wall. Between wood , stainless steel or metal , there is something for everyone. Above all, the bike rack must be rigid, and securely attached to be able to support the weight of your bikes without any concern!

This is an undeniable saving of space . Your bikes no longer obstruct traffic in the garage or in the garden. Here it is, a clever idea ! Use the ceiling as a bicycle carrier to store in practical and clever mode .

The trick is simple. Hang your support securely on the ceiling of your garage or shelter.

Attention ! For optimal safety, you must calculate the distance between the floor and the ceiling support! Otherwise beware!

  • With these storage spaces, say goodbye once and for all to disorder and clutter.
  • The little extra : opt for a removable support that goes up and down for discreet storage.

Do you want to store your bikes in a modern and design way? Choose the palette! You can’t imagine what you can do with these little wooden things In storage furniture , support or carrier , the palette is infinite . Your pallet bicycle racks will be both clever , clever and functional while being in tune with the times of decoration! You can also make your choice as per the indoor bike racks review.

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