Fire Doors: What You Need to Know


Fire doors feature an intumescent strip, which acts as a seal. The seal expands when there’s fire, and it blocks the gap between your door and the frame. This stops smoke and fire getting through.

Factors To Consider

When buying the right door, there are many factors you must consider. These factors are:

Fire rating – Fire doors can have different ratings. One example is the FD30 rating. This means it can withstand fire for up to 30 min. Some other products can be rated FD60. This one will give your protection for an hour.

To verify the rating of your door, you must open it completely to expose all the latches. Not only do you need to know its rating, but also the temperature it can withstand. A good one should be able resist temperatures up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

Glass thickness is also important. You should aim for a minimum thickness of 1/4 inch in glass.

Door Type: Which type of door would you like? A pine or oak veneer is the best choice for a workplace door.

A ply-veneer is an option for those who are on a budget. Paint your front door with your favorite color to give it a beautiful look.

Glass doors are best for dark offices that require some light. A door with veneer doors frosted windows is the best option if privacy is your priority.

There are shutter doors and roller screens that can be used to make large doors. There are also sliding doors available that can be used for internal use.

How To Install A Fire Door

It is important to place the door in the best possible location for the best results. For example, if you are connecting two buildings with the door, make sure it can withstand fire heat. For doors that are open to corridors, choose one with a lower fire rating.

Safety Measures To Be In Place

It is important to install high quality fire doors. It is possible to put fire extinguishers into every room and corridor.

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