Back to the Joystick: A Retro Gaming Community Built on Timeless Fun and Friendship


The retro gaming community is a growing trend in video games. Those who enjoy playing classic video games are drawn to this style of play for a number of reasons, from nostalgia to the idea that the old-school games have more character.

Many people also like the fact that classic video games can be played on newer systems using emulation or publisher compilations. However, there is still a lot of work to be done to keep old games alive.

Classic Video Games

Classic video games are a favorite of many retro gamers. These titles offer an experience that’s completely different from modern games.

There are a variety of ways to play these games, including purchasing a vintage video game console or emulating them with modern hardware. However, emulation often causes glitches and doesn’t run at full speed.

Another way to enjoy these classic games is through remasters, which refresh the audio-visual aspects of the game. Remasters often work better on modern hardware and are more accessible to players.

Other popular ways to enjoy these games are through virtual consoles, which allow you to purchase a classic game and play it on your console of choice. Manufacturers like Nintendo and PlayStation now offer these services, making it easier than ever to enjoy your favorite retro titles.

Gaming Controllers

Gaming controllers are an essential part of a video gamer’s arsenal. They can help you experience classic titles with a new level of immersion and ease, or they can add specialized features to your PC games that make them more challenging and fun.

The most important consideration when choosing a gaming controller is comfort, because the device can be in your hands for hours at a time and it needs to feel right. Micro Center offers a wide selection of top-quality gaming controllers from leading peripheral brands, at prices you’ll love.

Specialty controllers include Hands On Throttle and Stick (HOTAS) controllers designed for flight simulators, wheel and pedal controllers for racing games, and arcade sticks for fighting games. Some controllers also offer haptic feedback that vibrates the player’s hands, which helps them to better identify and interact with in-game objects. Some also allow users to map their keyboard inputs to the controller, allowing gamers to create an ergonomic setup.

Gaming Adapters

When it comes to a gaming setup, every component has to be connected correctly or it will not work. Whether it’s a mouse, headset, keyboard or even a display, it’s important to find the right adapters for your needs.

For example, a good wireless adapter will provide a reliable internet connection without the need for wires. These devices are great for gamers who live in an apartment or have a complicated network setup that makes connecting to the internet via cable a hassle.

In the same vein, a good gaming adapter should also boast a lag-free experience. These devices have features like MU-MIMO technology which allows multiple wireless devices to connect without losing speed and bandwidth. The best ones may be powered by a USB port or come with an integrated Wi-Fi card.


Gamers who play classic video games online can socialize with other gamers from all over the world. Getting together with people who have the same interest can create an incredible bonding experience.

The retro gaming community is a large group of enthusiasts who enjoy playing obsolete video games and consoles. They play emulation, collect older games, share memories and experiences and socialize through dedicated online forums.

Users’ motivations to join retrogaming communities revolve around three main axes: socio-economic interactions, development of new games and projects for discontinued game systems and collecting old video games. These activities can be characterized as “tribal” behaviours, a phenomenon that has been extensively investigated in game studies.

Using topic modelling and Social Network Analysis, we explore user practices on two online retrogaming switch roms forums. We identify five communities. These communities represent a majority of the user base and share many characteristics.

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